Fronts – Worktops – Handles


Your kitchen should be more than a simple everyday pleasure. Which is why we use materials that are not only durable and easy to clean but that also add an extra something to the look and feel.

You can download our current front overview here.


Worktops have much to endure in the kitchen. They must be heat-resistant, food safe, easy to clean as well as scratch-resistant and hygienic. They are also an important design element and can be harmoniously integrated into the kitchen or used as discerning accents. We offer a wide range of surfaces and décors – get in touch, we will be happy to advise you.

You can download our current worktop overview here.


Handles are a never-ending topic in furniture design. Fortunately, handles also have a key ergonomic role to play in a good kitchen. There has to be enough space for fingers, drawers should also open with just the little finger and hanging a towel over should also be possible. In any case, try the handle of your choice. You will often have it in your hand, so it should fit your hand like a second skin.

You can download our current handle overview here.