Sustainability and quality

Kuhlmann Kitchens manufactures custom-fitted kitchens, designed-to-order from a wide range, focusing on a tradition of quality and sustainability because we think of the future. This combination of quality and environmental protection is evidenced by the PEFC Chain-of-Custody-Certificate. So you can be sure that the wood we use comes from legal and sustainable sources.

The attention to detail exemplifies the unique character of every Kuhlmann Kitchen. Quality and high lasting value begins with the choice of premium materials. Used materials are subject to strict controls.


Kuhlmann Kitchens creates distinctive furnishing solutions with a combination of barcode-controlled production and the skilled craftsmanship of true professionals – delivering an outstanding quality product.Kitchens are our passion. Every detail and every price segment bears testimony to the highest standards of workmanship. An innovative edge processing centre has been integrated into our production processes, designed for even the smallest batch sizes, it gives us the flexibility to meet customer requirements – further evidence of our cutting-edge philosophy!

See the excellent laser-optimised edges of our fronts for yourself. Soiled joints that make kitchen fronts unsightly over time are now a thing of the past!
All manufacturing processes are transparent and controlled by the fully-integrated PPS system and a state-of-the-art CIM organisation; order processing and manufacturing processes are strictly coupled; the production is subject to a seamless quality control system, which also includes suppliers.

Made in Germany

The Kuhlmann Kitchen manufacturing philosophy is: diversity and flexibility combined with high standards in terms of quality. We only work and carefully process high-quality components from verified, predominantly German, suppliers. A combination of skilled craftsmanship from true professionals and precision high-tech automation ensures quality and high lasting value for a long kitchen life.