Data Protection Policy

The privacy of your data is very important to us. For this reason, we adhere to security and data protection standards which bind us to ensure the strictest possible protection of your data. We require certain types of information, e.g. for our newsletter or service requests – however, we do not collect or save any personal data without your knowledge or prior consent. All members of our company are bound by these terms and conditions.

What data are stored?

When you access information or request to be contacted by RWK & Kuhlmann Küchen GmbH, you are asked to provide us with certain personal data (such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.), by entering it onto the website. Of course, you are not obligated to supply this information. In this instance, RWK & Kuhlmann Küchen GmbH will not always be able to supply you with the services or information you are requesting.

How is the data used?

Personal data are collected, processed and used by RWK & Kuhlmann Küchen GmbH to the extent necessary for performing the services offered. Furthermore, RWK & Kuhlmann Küchen GmbH will use this data, if need be, beyond the purpose stated in each case in the entry field, provided you agree to this use.

To whom will this data be made available?

All information that you make available to us by entering it on our website is stored on a server that is located within Germany. Any personal data you make available to us will not be passed on to persons or companies outside RWK & Kuhlmann Küchen GmbH.

Information on stored data

You may request information about the personal information RWK & Kuhlmann Küchen GmbH has stored about you. Of course, you have the option of correcting any errors, to update any outdated information or have the saved data deleted. Furthermore you may, at any time and with future effect, withdraw a consent once given to collect, process and use your personal data. If you have any questions or comments that relate to this privacy policy, please contact us by e-mail at RWK & Kuhlmann Küchen GmbH.